France: The teacher showing the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed strangled, President Macron calls ‘Islamic terrorist attack’


Paris Another example of how Islamic Extremist dominates the world is seen in France. On Friday, a teacher was strangled to death in the French capital, Paris. Actually, the teacher of history showed the students the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (Caricatures of Islam Prophet Muhammad). On this, the parent of a student strangled the teacher to death.

Now President Emmanuel Macron has strongly condemned this brutal murder. President Macron condemned the incident, calling it an ‘Islamic terrorist attack’.

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According to media reports, the attacker started shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar after killing the teacher. However, the police team who reached the spot surrounded the attacker. The attacker also tried to intimidate the police by showing a gun, but the security forces carefully shot him while carrying out the operation.

The prosecution officer’s office has said that the investigation of the incident has been started from the perspective of the terrorist attack. The incident took place in the city of Aragany in Paris. Police officials said the suspected assailant, armed with a knife and an airsoft gun, was shot dead by police.

President Macron condemned

Let me tell you that French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the incident of beheading a teacher of history in the northwest suburb of Paris, Eragony. He visited the Conflance-Sainte-Honorine Middle School hours after the attack and promised the country’s citizens to take swift and concrete action to deal with the extremists.

President Macron said that one of our citizens was killed today, because he was teaching students the meaning of freedom of expression. Please tell that many people have been murdered in France so far regarding the dispute related to Prophet Mohammad.

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Earlier satirical magazine Charley Hebdo first published a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, which was attacked in a Paris office. In that attack 12 people were killed.

What is the whole matter

According to media reports, Samuel, a teacher at a school in the capital Paris, had shown the cartoon of Prophet Mohammad to the children to explain the meaning of freedom of expression. When a parent came to know after this, he reached the school with a knife and slit the teacher by slapping the slogan of Allah Hu Akbar.

When the police reached the spot on receiving information about the incident, he started scaring the police instead of surrendering. But the police retaliated and shot the attacker, killing him. At present, the police has not made public the identity of Hamwar.

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Police have just stated that he was an 18-year-old suspected Islamic terrorist and was born in Moscow. Police have said that the child of the attacker also studied in the same school. The incident occurred around 5 pm near the school at the Conflance-Sainte-Honorine, 25 miles from Paris. The police arrested four other people in this case.



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