Forbes released the list of highest earning actresses

Forbes has released the list of highest grossing actresses. Which includes Sophia Vergara and Angelina Jolie. Sophia Vergara has been awarded the title of highest paid actor. She has topped the list of Famous Actress and the highest grossing actress due to her work on the small screen.

According to the information, Sophia has made her place at number one this year, earning around 315 crores, or $ 43 million. His brilliant innings in television career and many ad deals have led him to this destination. After this, Angelina Jolie is the second highest grossing actress. This year, he has made a place in this list for himself by earning about 256 crores, or $ 35 million.

It is being told that a large part of his earnings have come from The Eternals. Talking about the number three super heroine, she is Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot earned around Rs 227 crore, or $ 31 million in the beginning of his film career this year. Which includes some OTT content. According to a report, the release of films in theaters due to the corona epidemic has also increased the earnings of TV stars.

Melissa McCarthy and Meryl Streep are at number four and fifth on this list. In which Melissa has earned $ 183 crores i.e. $ 25 million and Mary has earned Rs. 175 crores i.e. $ 24 million. Actress Emily Blunt is at number six in this list, who has earned 165 crores rupees, or $ 22.5 million. After this, Nicole Kidman has earned about 161 crores, or $ 22 million this year. Elle Pompio has earned $ 19 million, Elizabet Moss $ 16 million, Viola Davis $ 5.5 million.



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