Finland: Trolls regarding PM Sana Marin dress, supporters respond to trollers in this manner


Helsinki Often, many politicians, actors and actresses get trolled on social media regarding their dress. Now Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin has also trolled on social media regarding her dress. Critics called the Prime Minister’s dress an organ performer. Critics said the dress was not in line with the Prime Minister’s post.

In fact, a photo of 34-year-old Prime Minister Sana Marin wearing a low cut blazer (PM Sanna Marin Trolled For Wearing Low Cut Blazer) came out, which critics responded strongly. However, supporters of Prime Minister Marin also responded to the trollers and closed their mouths, describing the dress as beautiful.

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According to local media reports, earlier this month, Prime Minister Sana Marin had a photoshoot for a fashion magazine. In the cover photo of the magazine, Sana Marin is seen wearing a low cut blazer of black color, along with it she has also taken jewelery. PM Marin was trolled with this photo.

Supporters gave a befitting reply to critics

Let me tell you that the trollers started trolling Prime Minister Sana Marin after the photo appeared on the cover page of the magazine. But supporters of PM Marin gave a befitting reply to the trollers and kept everyone silent.

Supporters of the PM expressed their support by writing #ISupportSannaMarin and #ImWithSanna while sharing their pictures wearing low cut blazers. One user said that it is wrong to judge women on the basis of dress. He quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that he would often come up with shirtless pictures, but no trolls him. Then why the question about Sana Marin’s dress?

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Let me tell you that Sana Marin is the youngest Prime Minister of Finland and the world. She is a member of the Social Democratic Party since 2015 and became Prime Minister on 10 December 2019. Before becoming Prime Minister, she was also the Minister of Transport and Communications for about 6 months.


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