Finland: Sexual offenses include sending indecent photos or messages


Helsinki Sexual crimes have been redefined in Finland. There can be a minimum sentence of six months for the exchange of photos or messages or exposing someone’s picture.

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According to a spokesman for the Law Ministry of Finland, it has been proposed to change the laws related to sexual offenses in Finland. In this draft of the law, broadening the definition, attempting to expose someone by taking pictures or messages oral or through photographs would be considered sexual harassment. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, fines can also extend to a prison sentence.

Current law also includes

Finland’s current law only recognizes behavior such as touching or gestures as sexual harassment. Cases involving sending pictures of someone are prosecuted under defamation laws. There is no obscene dimension in the behavior of a person.

Online sexual harassment

A research has shown that online sexual harassment is spreading widely. This includes sending indecent images without consent, known as ‘dick pics’ or ‘cyber-flashing’. This year, a study by Plan International, which is fighting for the rights of children, revealed that 51% of the 14,000 girls worldwide had been sexually assaulted.

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Studied on the basis of questions

Through this research, it is revealed that about 35 percent of the youth between 15 and 25 years of age were sent pornographic images. This study, based on the questions, shows that sexual harassment is very common and that women are the most victim of such behavior. Experts say that such behavior needs to be dealt with by stringent laws. This is very important.


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