Festival of festivals from 17 October

Corona will have an effect

Navratri, Dussehra and Sharad Purnima festivals will be celebrated in this month. The overdraft will end on October 14. Navratri will start from the next day. With this, the festival season will also start. But with the winter, the effect of corona will also be seen. The Corona epidemic has affected religious programs for the past 6 months. In this, many festivals including Navratri, Ganesh Utsav, Janmashtami were celebrated in homes rather than temples.
Various programs will be held in the district on Navratri
October 13 is the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of the greater month. It is called Kamala Ekadashi. October 16 is the new month of Amavasya. More mass will end on this day. Navratri of Ashwin month begins on 17 October. There will be less establishment on this day. There is also Libra solstice on Saturday. Sun will enter Libra from Virgo. Along with Goddess Durga, do special worship for the sun as well. On 20 October, Angarak is Vinayaki Chaturthi. On this day, fast for Lord Ganesha and offer modak to God. 24 is Durgashtami. Durga Navami is on 25 October. It is a tradition to provide food to girls on this day. Dussehra is also on this day. On October 27, there is Papankusha Ekadashi. Sharad Purnima is on 30 October. It is believed that on this date, Lord Krishna composed rasas with the gopis. This is the day of devotion to Krishna. Worship Mahalakshmi on this day also. Karthik month will start from 31 October.
Businessmen have also started preparing themselves since Navratri. This time everyone has planned to do business by defeating Corona. It is believed that Deepawali is the biggest festival, but there is still doubt about the corona. Traders are pursuing the Corona Guide Line and doing business and making many plans.



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