Fast: know the importance of monthly Shivaratri and worship method | Fast: Tomorrow is monthly Shivaratri, know the importance of this fast and worship method


Digital Desk, New Delhi. According to Hindu Panchag, monthly Shivaratri is celebrated on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha in every month. It is believed that Lord Shankar is pleased by observing the fast of monthly Shivaratri. Shivaratri is the confluence of Shiva and Shakti. This Shivaratri is falling on this month tomorrow i.e. on Thursday, 15 October. The importance of Mahashivaratri is immense. But in Hinduism, the monthly Shivaratri also has its own significance. Shiva devotees also perform special poojas on monthly Shivaratri.

According to Amant Panchang, Shivaratri which falls in the month of Magha is called Maha Shivaratri. But according to the Purnimant Panchang, the Shivaratri that falls in the month of Phalgun is called Mahashivratri. Let’s know the importance of this Shivaratri and the time of worship …

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According to Bhavishpuran, Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of every month is considered as the day of monthly Shivaratri. Lord Shiva is the lord of Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha. On this day, all the members of the Shiva family are worshiped along with the worship of Lord Shiva. Shiva is worshiped with the desire for happiness and peace. On this day, offering flowers on Shiva Linga and chanting Shiva mantras have special significance.

Monthly shivratri
Date Start – October 15, 08:33
Date expires- 16 October 04:52

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Method of worship
Goddess Parvati, Ganesh ji, Kartikeya ji and Shiva are worshiped along with Mahadev Shiva during Shiva Chaturdashi fast. In the worship of Shiva, the first Lord Shiva is anointed. In their consecration, water, milk, curd, pure ghee, honey, sugar or sugar, Ganges water and sugarcane stock etc. are anointed.

After offering abhishekam, they offer Lord Shiva by offering Belpatra, Samipatra, Kusha and Durba etc. In the end, Ganja, Bhang, Dhatura and Shree Fruit (coconut) are offered as bhog to Shiva. On the day of Shiva Chaturdashi, his fast is observed for the whole day. Shiva mantras should be chanted during the night on the day of Shiva Chaturdashi.


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