Fake News: candidates who secured top 5 rank in neet-ug-2020 exams are muslims, know the truth of viral list | Fake News: All the Candidate Muslims who secured top-5 rank in NEET UG 2020 exam, know what is the truth of viral list


Digital desk. A list of NEET UG 2020 result is getting viral on social media. With this viral list it is claimed that the top-5 candidates of NEET UG 2020 are all Muslims. Let us know that on Friday, the National Testing Agency (NTA) had released the results of NEET- UG 2020 exam for admission in the graduation course of medical colleges across the country. In the exam, Shoaib Aftab has topped 720 marks.

Who did the share
Many Twitter and Facebook users have shared this viral list. Many people are sharing the claim with ‘#NEET Jihad’, alleging that all the top five toppers of the ‘NEET 2020’ exam are Muslims in a well-planned conspiracy.

Social media claims being made

It has been written in the viral post that, the results of NEET exam have come. We should look at the interesting aspects related to the results- Rank 1. Shoaib Aftab, Rank 2. Zeeshan Ashraf, Rank 3. Yasir Hameed, Rank 4. Sajid Mehmood, Rank 5. Sana Mir… Modi ji, tell us that always Why does this kind of injustice happen to Hindus? “

What is truth?
The team of Bhaskar Hindi found that the viral list on social media is fake and the claim being made with it is false. We have ‘National Testing Agency’ Website Merged list of ‘NEET 2020’ exam present on viral post. We did not find any names in this list other than the first name Shoaib Aftab used in the post. According to the NTA website, the top 5 toppers of the ‘NEET 2020’ exam are – Shoaib Aftab, Akanksha Singh, Tumala Snikitha, Vineet Sharma and Amrish Khaitan. This confirms that the viral top-5 list of Muslim candidates on social media is fake. Only Shoaib Aftab’s name is correct in the list going viral. The names of the remaining 4 toppers are incorrect.

Conclusion: The viral list of NEET UG 2020 result on social media is fake. The top-5 candidates of NEET UG 2020 result are not Muslim.


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