Entertainment-water-theme parks to open in Unlock 5.0, know 27 important protocols

new Delhi. With the beginning of October, the fifth phase of unlock (Unlock 5.0) has started across the country. Along with this, the Central Government has given guidelines for adopting the Corona Virus prevention measures for all services in a phased manner. On Friday, the Ministry of Health has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for the opening of similar places including Entertainment Park.

For this reason, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave relaxation in Unlock 5.0 guidelines, know who will get the benefit

According to the SOP issued by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the entertainment parks and other similar places in the corona virus containment zone will be closed across the country, while it will be allowed to reopen outside these areas.

According to the instructions of the government, it is mandatory to sanitize amusement parks, water parks, museums, gardens, food courts, gift shops, theaters etc. before reopening in the country. While the government has banned the opening of swimming pools in these instructions, the government has given approval for the opening of water theme parks and water rides and asked them to filter their water regularly and add chlorine. .

Know what are the major guidelines:

  1. Local government-administration can change the rules.
  2. Physical distancing of at least six feet is necessary.
  3. Use of face cover / face mask is mandatory.
  4. Regular hand washing / sanitizing is mandatory.
  5. Full ban on spitting.
  6. It is necessary to install the Arogya Setu App.
  7. Children over 65 years, under 10 years old are not recommended for admission.
  8. Advice for pregnant women, sick persons to stay at home.
  9. It is necessary to keep employees related to risky age or illness away from the public.
  10. Sanitization mandatory at regular intervals before and after commencement of services.
  11. Regular cleaning and sanitization of things (door handles, lift buttons, chairs, etc.) that people come into contact with in theme parks is necessary.
  12. Hand sanitizers, hand washing stations should be built in place.
  13. It is necessary to have a closed dustbin to throw the face mask-cover used in the common area.
  14. Wherever there are swimming pools, they shall be kept closed.
  15. Riding physical distance in ridges.
  16. Use of 50% meeting capacity with physical distancing in theaters.
  17. Separate doors for entry and exit.
  18. Thermal screening, hand sanitization required during admission.
  19. If online tickets are not available, a large number of ticket counters should be installed.
  20. Use of half meeting capacity at other places including food court.
  21. Use of contact-less payment instruments and promoting online booking.
  22. The air conditioner is at 24-30 degrees while humidity is at 40-70 percent.
  23. Doors and windows should be opened to allow fresh air.
  24. App, screen, posters-standi should be put in place to show measures to prevent corona.
  25. Arrangements to prevent people with corona symptoms.
  26. Exemption for people with no symptoms.
  27. Monitoring the limited use of lift-escalators.



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