Electric car wins in India, know this car became the first choice of people – Price

new Delhi. Electric cars have become the first choice of people in India, which is one of the best selling vehicles, but now the question arises that electric cars are very much, which of these cars is such? Which people demand the most. In terms of pollution prevention, with increasing inflation, people prefer to use electric vehicles.

Specialty of nexon electric car

Talking about the vehicles in the Baisse market, people are the first to demand Tata cars and one of the safest SUV is the TATA NEXON electric car which has hit many big companies in the market. Tata Motors launched the SUV TATA NEXON this year.

Strong grip of TATA NEXON

Nexon has so far sold 127 units in the Indian EV market. In which 21 large cities such as Kolkata to Lucknow, Ludhiana, Saki Dimad has been the highest.

Tata Nexon Price

By the way, all the auto companies are launching electric cars one after the other. But Tata Nexon is a vehicle that can run for up to 312km with a very low price tag, it has a waterproof battery of IP67 which is capable of charging 80 percent in just 60 minutes. The Tata Nexon electric SUV is priced between Rs 13.99 lakh and Rs 15.99 lakh in the market. This car is available in three variants.

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