Election issue for not making 138 year old “flood subdivision” a district


Flooding. Barring the NDA, all other party and independent candidates are running their public relations by making 138-year-old “flood subdivision” not their own electoral issue. Politically, the people of the flood subdivision have been cheated since 1972 in the name of making the most talked about ancient “flood subdivision” a district on the national horizon for years and whenever the Lok Sabha or Assembly elections come, the leaders of every political parties So far, only blank assurance has been given to make “Flood” a district for taking votes. Sadly, when Jharkhand was also in the state of Bihar, many new districts were created in those days, but “Flood” was made a district. Not made

There has been agitation at various times by many political and social activists, besides the Advocates’ Association of the Court, to demand that the “flood subdivision”, which is under the category of hypersensitive, be made a district. Not only this, when Lalu Prasad’s Janata Dal government formed the ally of Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan’s student movement after 1990, the people of the “flood subdivision” raised the expectation that now the “flood” district will definitely be formed, but on people’s expectations The water ran again.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and former Minister Vijaykrishna, who have made their identity in the name of people from Jayprakash Narayan’s student movement, have been speaking out loud from all the forums about making the “flood” a district and serious in the name of making “flood” a district. Has been doing politics When Chief Minister Nitish Kumar became Lok Dal MLA from Harnaut in 1985, he was agitating against the then Congress government under the banner of “Fatuha-Flood-Barhiya Tall Sangharsh Samiti”. The flood was assured to be made a district from the open electoral stage and Chief Minister Shrikumar was also a cabinet minister of many important ministries at the center by becoming a frequent MP from the flood Lok Sabha and Chief Minister Shrikumar had said from the open platform that when my government was formed in Bihar, the legislation A resolution to make “Flood” a district will be passed in the first cabinet meeting of the House itself.

In Bihar, in 1990, when the government was formed under the leadership of Lalu Prasad of the Janata Dal, the people of the flood subdivision believed that now “Flood” would become a district and “Flood” was made a district and only 11 days later, under the political conspiracy “Flood” “The crown of the district was removed and the notification of the flood district was suspended. The 138-year-old flood subdivision of the state, despite having three Vidhan Sabha constituencies and six blocks in its possession, has also been reduced by about five people. The movement has been going on for decades with the voice raising demand for making the district a flood, yet till now the state’s ruling politicians are not licking the ears.

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