Election atmosphere set in Daman


Elections for Daman municipality and district and gram panchayat

Daman. Most candidates will submit their nomination papers for Daman municipality and district and gram panchayat on Monday. Navratri has started after the end of more months and the offices will be open for nomination on Monday. In such a situation, most people will submit nominations for Gram Panchayat and Sarpanch and members. So far, the Congress party has fielded one or two candidates. The list of JDUs supported by Mohan Delkar is not yet ready. The BJP will also announce the candidates on Monday and after the parties get the candidates, the electoral color will pick up. In Daman, the municipal BJP and the district panchayat were occupied by the Congress.

Search for well-read candidates

Good candidates are being sought for municipal and panchayat in Daman. This search of other political parties, including BJP, continues. This time, able and educated women are also coming forward to participate in the elections.

Party leaders troubled by defectors

Silvassa The defection politics is once again gaining momentum in the state if the claimants are not getting tickets in the civic elections. In the election, a direct contest is seen in BJP and Janata Dal U. Both the parties have more number of claimants regarding the ticket. Angry party leaders are also sitting preparing to join another party due to lack of tickets. Such people have become the problem of the party.

The Janata Dal U MP is a party backed by Mohan Delkar. Like the BJP, the Janata Dal-U also has a large number of contenders. If both the parties are not getting tickets, the game of changing frost in each other is going on. Kishan Parmar, who has been close to the MP, has joined the BJP, he has been made a candidate from ward number 14 of the city council. Earlier, the outgoing vice-president of the district panchayat, Mahesh Gavit, was dealt a major blow by the MPs’ camp joining the BJP. Vijay Patel, who was a BJP member in Naroli, has come in support of Dilip Halapati and Gaju Halapati Delkar. Kamlesh Desai, the outgoing Deputy Superintendent of Dadra, separated from the BJP and joined Dalkar’s faction has increased BJP’s problems. The last date for submission of applications is 21 October and names will be withdrawn by 24 October. After this, the correct picture of the candidates who will be standing in the election will be revealed.



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