Edmohammed, who was the first chairman of Tonk, built the theater for the Ramlila stage


Edmohammed, who was the first chairman of Tonk, built the theater for the Ramlila stage

Pawan Sharma

Tonk has been known for the Ganga-Jamuni and Hindu-Muslim unity since the princely state. Many proofs of this still exist. In this episode, the city’s self-respecting and Sanatnadharmi senior tax consultant, self. On a small request from Sitaram Agarwal, the late chairman of the city council, the late Chairman of the City Council, Ramaylama Theater in Gandhi Park in 1967 introduced communal harmony.

Not only this, even after the death of Edo Mohammed, his son Seth Nizamuddin and grandson, two-time Municipal Council Chairman Mohammed Ajmal and Moinuddin Nizam, on behalf of Ramlila, besides the huge padyatra going from Tonk to Diggi Kalyan and other types Helps on events of After the creation of Ragmancham, since 1967, Lord Rama’s performances have been staged for nine days in every Shardiya Navratri, amidst many ups and downs.

Silence for the first time
The corona eclipse has taken place this year in 1969 when Lord Ram’s pastimes were launched at Shardiya Navratri at Ramlila Theater in Gandhi Park of the city in 1969. For this reason, there is silence on the ground and silence in the place of the chambal that is due to the pastimes of Lord Rama, which lasts for no day.

It is worth mentioning that in Tonk it is being organized every year by Ramlila and Dahshara Mahotsav Samiti and Municipal Council. At the same time, on the day of Ram-Sita marriage, Ram procession and Dussehra departed from Balaji of Yagya, as a procession, the burning of the effigies of Kumbhakarna, Meghnad and Lanka etc. with the arrogant Ravana has been organized at Ramji Ji Sena Ravana combustion site. .

Discussion on Ravan Dahan is going on
Mithlesh Garg and Rohitashw Kumawat, who are associated with Ramlila and Dussehra Festival Committee, said that due to the worldwide epidemic corona, all major religious and other ceremonies have been banned by the government. No guidelines have been issued by the government regarding their operation. Here, City Council Commissioner Sachin Yadav told that a round of dialogue is going on between District Collector, City Council President and the people of the city to follow the tradition of Ravana combustion on Dussehra, it will be decided soon in a day or two.

Crowd stays on the roofs in the market to see
The next day of Dussehra, a grand ceremony of Bharat Milap and Ramarajyabhishek is organized. For which Shobha Yatra is taken out of the Balaji temple complex of the city’s strongman Mahadev and Yajna with the royal lavaz on the sweet smoke of the bad guys of Lord Rama’s court. On reaching the big well area of ​​the procession, a stage Bharat Milap ceremony is organized.

Shobha Yatra departing from here and passing through Jawahar Bazaar, Kafla Bazaar, Subhash Bazaar till late night reaching Ghantaghar, the heart of the city, is crowned by crowning the coronation of Lord Rama. In order to watch Bharat Milap and coronation, both places, including women and men from the surrounding rural areas in the city and on the roofs of houses and shops in the market till late night, are also witness to this holy event. But due to the Korana epidemic, all events have been canceled in the cradle of the guidelines issued by the government this year.


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