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Desk. Today Navratri has started. We are going to tell you the method of making Vratwala Rice Dhokla. Yeast Raised Dhokla which can be prepared from Samvat rice (special rice, which is used in food during Navratri).

Rice dhokla

4 cups Samvat Rice
1 cup sour yogurt
1 tsp ginger paste
Green chilli paste as per taste
1 tsp rock salt
2 tsp oil or ghee
2 whole dry red chilies
6-7 curry leaves
1 tsp cumin seeds
Coconut, grated
Fresh coriander (for garnishing)

Rice dhokla

Method of making:
Roast the rice in a pan. Remember, you do not have to let the rice brown. Now to prepare batter, mix rice, rock salt, chilli paste, ginger paste and curd. Keep it on the side for the yeast to rise throughout the night.

It will flower in the morning. Put ghee in a vessel. Add batter to it. Keep it in the steamer for 20 minutes and leave. When it is made, test it and leave it to cool.

Tadka ready To do, heat ghee in a pan. Add cumin seeds, red chillies and curry leaves. Pour it over the prepared dhokla. Cut the dhokla into pieces. Use coconut and green coriander on top for garnishing. Serve.

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