During the work in the line, the machine will tell if there is any current – the engineer made the device | During the work in the line, the machine will tell if there is any current – during the repair work, the engineer made the machine to prevent accidents

Digital Desk Jabalpur. During the maintenance of the line in the electricity department, every year, how many employees are hurt and even die. Permission to close the line is taken during work on the high voltage line 11 kV or high pressure line, but it is not possible to stop the accident if the line remains operational due to slight negligence. To prevent such accidents, an engineer from the East Zone Power Distribution Company has designed a device that will inform whether the line is on or off even when standing below the 11 kV or high pressure line. The special thing is that this device is equivalent to a match box which line staff can easily keep in the pocket which will make the current position clear even at a distance of 6 to 8 meters of the power line.
Sharad Bisen, executive engineer of the power company that built the device, said that this equipment has been designed to protect fellow line employees from accidents during field work. Presently it has been distributed free of cost to employees in its area of ​​work Mandla.
Engineer Mr. Bisen said that the electronic circuit of this device generates sound and line according to the intensity of the electrostatic field present nearby. In this way, it senses the current in the line from 440 volts to 400 kV from a distance. The higher the voltage level, the more distance it gives to the current. By keeping this equipment close, the employees will be aware of the current situation during the line improvement work and they will also be able to avoid being an accident.


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