Dubai: Indian-Pakistani couple’s daughters await Indian passport | Dubai: Indian-Pakistani couple’s daughters await Indian passport


Dubai, 14 October (IANS). Two young women living in Saudi Arabia are facing difficulties due to non-issuance of passports by the Indian government. These girls are the children of an Indian-origin father and mother of Pakistani origin.

The women say they have to live in suspended animations because they lack valid papers to go to their ancestral home.

The women say that they are not able to go to their ancestral home because their passports have not been issued by the Indian government.

He applied for a passport in 2011.

In an email to Gulf News, 28-year-old Mahroz and his sister a year younger than him said, “Our life is stuck, we cannot live a normal job or a normal life.”

The daughters of the Indian-Pakistani couple said that they are stateless in a way.

According to a Gulf News report, while describing his story in an email, Mahroz wrote that his father was an Indian, while his mother was a Pakistani.

He said that his family has been living in Dubai for almost 60 years. Maharoz wrote, My grandfather, grandmother and father are now dead and buried in Dubai. I have a younger sister and a younger brother, all three of us were born and raised in Dubai.

He said that when she was 15, her father died.

Maharoz said, when we were small, we were allowed to come to India on our mother’s passport. When my father was alive, he was handling everything. After his death, when we finished school we had to get new passports, because the rules had changed.

They said that they are willing to get an Indian passport.

Maharoja said, My two younger siblings and I do not have passports, so we contacted the Indian consulate for an Indian passport, but they refused, saying that the father registered us within a year of our birth Did not get it done. After years of efforts and requests, we were asked to bring an affidavit from the Pakistani Consulate that we are not applying for a Pakistani passport.

He said that the case was accepted in 2011 and all related documents and forms were filled.

Maharoz told over the phone, the consulate sent us to India. By this time, I had turned 19 and my sister was going to be 18 years old. Our relatives in India were contacted, everything was checked and my brother was issued an Indian passport, as he was under 18 years of age. My sister and I were asked to fill in new forms and by then both of us were over 18 years old.

He told, after this the Indian consulate sent them to India and told us that you should not come to the consulate and we will inform you only through email. Since 2011, whenever we ask about it, the Indian consulate says that they are still waiting for India’s reply.

Now more than nine years have passed, Mahroz said on the phone. I am now 28 years old and my sister is going to be 27 years old. Our life is stuck (stuck). We cannot do a normal job or live a normal life, because we are stateless.

He said that those two sisters could not roam freely, as they did not have any valid documents. Maharoja said, our education has been affected. We can’t even marry.

It is very annoying and disappointing, said Mahroz. Our father and brothers are Indians. Therefore, we request the Indian authorities to issue us passports, so that our lives can move forward. We just hope that the government here also allows us to improve our situation and issue us a passport as soon as possible.

When contacted, the Indian consulate in Dubai informed Gulf News that the request for these girls is still pending with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in India, the nodal authority for granting citizenship.



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