Drivers are getting injured due to damaged road

Drivers are getting injured due to damaged road

Nagarfort. From the sub-tehsil headquarters area, driving on the Nagarfort Tonk via Binjari, Umm, Sonwa road road, there are also passersby walking away. Due to the 3 feet deep pits from Nagarfort to Srinagar Village, the drivers have to face a lot of problems. Vehicle drivers are injured by accident on the day they arrive. Asphalt has also been erased from several places on this route.

The same road is not left from Nagarfort to Srinagar. Concrete are visible from place to place on the road. The road is completely dilapidated. There is no one to take care of this road due to the extent of the Tonk and Deoli Uniyara – Assembly Constituency of this road. Significantly, it is located in the Assembly segment of Devli-Uniyara MLA Harish Chandra Meena and Banjari to Tonk Sadak Marg Tonk Sachin Pilot from Nagarfort to Binjari where the condition of this roadway has changed from bad to worse.

It is not that the plight of this road has happened during this monsoon itself, this is the condition of this road since the last four-five monsoons. The villagers and officials of the area have demanded several times from the regional MLA Harish Chandra Meena and Tonk MLA Sachin Pilot to repair the city Fort Tonk road. Significantly, an asphalt road was constructed from the area’s village Srinagar to Tonk.

In which the contractor used the construction material for the valleys, due to which the asphalt road was uprooted within 6 months and the potholes were potholes on the road and there is no left over asphalt on the road. The villagers have demanded the state government to get the state highway 34 built.



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