DRDO successfully tests 10th missile within 35 days


New Delhi On Friday night, at 8.20 pm, another successful night test of Prithvi-2 ballistic missile with a range of more than 250 km off the coast of Balasore, Odisha. In a series of tests, DRDO has successfully tested this 10th missile within just 35 days. However, the Prithvi-2 ballistic missile is already part of the Strategic Forces Command. This was the second test of Earth-2 in less than three weeks. The political leadership has praised DRDO’s achievements as a major step towards self-reliance in the field of defense.

It is India’s first indigenous missile to surface-to-surface hit. A top DRDO official said that the Prithvi-2 missile has met all its parameters during the test on Friday night. The nightly test of the missile has been successful in this way. Earlier, India conducted a night-time test of its indigenously developed surface-to-surface surface-to-surface attack and a tonne of nuclear warheads capable of carrying one ton of nuclear weapons off the coast of Odisha late on 23 September. Earlier, in November and December last year, India successfully test-fired nuclear-powered Prithvi-II missile at night. The test was also conducted for the armed forces off the coast of Odisha.

Last year, the Prithvi-2 missile, capable of surface-to-surface strike, was tested nightly before December 4 and on November 20 within a fortnight. Prithvi-2, capable of carrying 500–1000 kg of firearms, is powered by two missile liquid propulsion two engines. The missile was selected from the production stock abruptly and the Strategic Force Command (SFC) of the Armed Forces carried out the entire launch activity. The test was conducted under the supervision of DRDO scientists.

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