Donald Trump’s First Election Rally Out of Corona Transition, Opposes Lockdown


Washington In an election rally, US President Donald Trump has opposed those advocating the implementation of lockdown, saying that the treatment should not be worse than the problem.

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Trump, who was addressing an election rally for the first time since being infected with the Corona virus, said the lockdown has caused states to face a serious problem on a large scale.

Diagnosis cannot be worse than problem

Trump, addressing his thousands of supporters in Florida, USA, says he needs to remember that the diagnosis cannot be worse than the problem. Significantly, on October 1, Trump was found infected with the Corona virus and after that he was admitted to the military hospital for three days. After this, quarantine had to be kept away from publicity. He was forced to take rest from election rallies. White House practitioners have now approved him to hold an election rally.

Feeling fresher than before

Lockdowns in Democrats-ruled states have caused extensive damage, according to Trump. They completely sealed the areas. Due to this, they are suffering heavy losses. Trump has made his debut in a bid to revive his election campaign. The 74-year-old Trump told his supporters that he was feeling more refreshed than ever after recovering from Corona.

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The President appealed to American citizens to come out and resume their work. Trump claimed that his policies saved millions of lives. He said that this is the fault of China. They let it happen.



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