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Donald Trump targeted Fauci, saying he is not a human being in the team

Washington US President Donald Trump has been consistently attacking Corona expert Anthony Fuci in his election campaign. Recently, at a rally in Las Vegas, he addressed Fauci as a bore human. He said that he has often given frightening statements about the Corona virus in his address on TV channels. People are getting bored after hearing all this.

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On Tuesday, he again accused Fauasi that he is a good person but not a member of the team. Trump said that he received support from several infectious pathologists during the epidemic. During this time many doctors also said that Fauci is not a team player.

Irresponsible attitude towards Corona

Significantly, the American expert Fossi has been constantly targeting the Trump administration regarding Corona. He says that people should not take any slack during this time. They should strictly follow social distancing with masks. At the same time, Trump has been adopting a careless attitude towards Corona. In the electoral arena, he is facing a tough fight with Democrat Party candidate Joe Biden. They are seen leaving Trump behind. Trump says he is confident of victory.

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Actually, Trump is targeting the army to hide his failure among the public. His careless attitude towards Corona is being criticized everywhere. The reason for this is his popularity is decreasing. Now they are trying to convince the people by making the army their weapon that their decision not to take the lockdown too long has proved to be effective.



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