Doctors have warned that Trump’s trip from the hospital to the fans puts others at risk

US President Donald Trump has turned his back on supporters gathered outside COVID-1 outside a military hospital for a short time on a motorcycle and criticized them for endangering others for political stunts.

Trump was caught wearing a mask from the back seat of a black SUV on Sunday evening. Crowds erupted outside the Waterwood Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland’s Washington suburb, waving American flags and pro-Trump banners.

Two people could be seen in the front seats of the vehicle.

Patients who test positive for Covid-1 positive usually need to be isolated for 1 day, with a specific incubation period for coronavirus to prevent infection. The disease has killed more than 200,000 Americans.

Trump tested positive on Thursday and did not disclose his infection early Friday morning.

Shortly after the trip, Trump posted a video on Twitter saying, “We’re going to surprise some of the great patriots on the streets.”

White House spokesman Jude Deere described the campaign as “a small, last-minute motorcycle ride to get to his supporters,” and said Trump was rushed to hospital.

Deere said “appropriate precautions were taken” to protect the president and his supporters. “The medical team made the operation as safe as possible,” he said.

Criticism of the ride was swift, with doctors present at Walter Reed.

James Phillips, an emergency medical assistant professor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine, said: “Everyone in the vehicle will now have 14 days of neutrality during a completely unnecessary presidential ‘drive-by’. / on Twitter. “They might get sick. They might die. For the political arena.”

Hawaii Democrat Sen. Brian Scottz added that he was praying for details on the security of Trump’s Secret Service: “

Trump left the hospital without giving a press pool, saying it was “outrageous,” according to a statement from the White House House of Representatives. “The American people deserve the independent scope of the president so that he can be reliably informed about his health.”

There were some messages of support. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott reacted to the car’s news: “alRallonalTrump seems to be making a quick recovery from COVID. Many prayers have been answered.”

This story has been published from the Wire Agency feed without altering the text. Only the caption has been changed.

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