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Do not overdo this thing, otherwise it can cause harm

Desk. Amla is commonly used in medicines to cure many diseases. But you will be very surprised to know that excessive intake of it can…


Desk. Amla is commonly used in medicines to cure many diseases. But you will be very surprised to know that excessive intake of it can also cause great harm to our body. We all know that excessive consumption of anything can prove harmful and it is the same with Amla. So it is necessary that you eat it but in right quantity. So let us tell you today about the harm caused by consuming amla ….

-Many people take medicines due to a long illness. In such a situation, they should not consume Amla juice. Consuming amla juice in large quantities does not affect the medicines on the body.

-If you consume amla juice in large quantities, then there is a lack of potassium in your body, due to which the heartbeat becomes irregular and weakness starts to be felt.

If you eat amla and ginger together, it can have a bad effect on your liver. Eating more amla increases the amount of SGPT in your liver. Because of which, your digestive process can get disturbed.

Amla contains plenty of laxative and anthraquinone elements which cause many problems in the stomach. Excessive consumption of Amla juice can cause diarrhea. Apart from this, people who have acidity problem should not consume Amla juice too much.

Amla is naturally acidic and hence eating it can cause stomach problems. Especially if you eat it empty stomach then you will have acidity problem.

Amla is rich in fiber, which can cause constipation due to excessive intake. Eating more amla makes stool hard. If you eat amla daily, then you should also drink more water so that problems like constipation do not occur.

– A person suffering from hypertension and kidney problem should not eat Amla. This increases the sodium level of the body, due to which the kidneys cannot do their work properly. Due to which, water starts filling in the body and the problem of high blood pressure also starts.

Amla contains vitamin-C. Therefore, eating it in large amounts can irritate your urine. Even many people may experience bad odor from their urine.

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