Do not do these 5 tasks by mistake even in the evening, otherwise…


Desk. Numerous rules of living a better and happier life have been described in scriptures and Puranas. According to the scriptures, every work done by a human being has an impact on his life. Due to the effect of these actions, a person becomes healthy and sick. Don’t forget to do it in the evening. Let’s know which are those four things …


Do not leave false utensils: If you want all kinds of happiness in your family, then you should never leave false utensils in the kitchen during the night. You should always clean false utensils before sleeping. So that the blessings of Maa Lakshmi remain with you forever.

Do not eat: Food should not be taken at sunset. By doing this, the next life is born in the animal vulva.


Do not sleep in the evening: No healthy person should sleep in the evening except sick and children. Because at this time sleeping makes the person sick and Mother Lakshmi ji is also angry.

Do not study the scriptures: One should not study Vedas and scriptures in the evening. At this time only meditation and meditation are beneficial.


Avoiding men and women: Sunset is a period of day and night, a time for meditation and meditation. At this time, work should be controlled and the man-man context should be avoided. At this time, the child born from conception is not cultured.

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