Digital ICW looked with Manish Malhotra’s stunning collection | Digital ICW concluded with Manish Malhotra’s stunning collection

New Delhi, 24 September (IANS). India Kutur Week, first organized through digital platform, concluded with the launch of a collection of famous designer Manish Malhotra. His collection is titled Rouhaniyat – A Celebration Cold Life.

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor appeared in Malhotra’s fashion film. His collection focused on bridal wear as well as jewelery. This fashion film is dedicated to the art of Indian artisans, the crafts of Awadh and Punjab. It added, this collection is a tribute to our diverse heritage and the soulful artistry of Indian craftsmen. This is the story of Awadh’s creativity and the vibrancy of Punjab and the people who gave their lives in this work for thousands of years.

Inspired by the Mughal beauty, this collection also showed a glimpse of modernity. Kalidar Kurta, Dupatta, Garare, Izar Salwar for women, many things like Angarkha are included in his collection.

Malhotra used hand-woven fabrics in his collection, including brocade borders made of genuine gold-silver fibers. Also used embroidery in Rajasthan, Ahmedabad. Talking about colors, natural colors like clay colors and bridal shades such as teat, pistachio green, dusky pink, gray and maroon are all natural colors included for light summer.

Manish Malhotra said, The purpose of our collection is to revive the slow and pure workmanship of our indigenous artists, craftsmen and artisans. It reminds us of our old crafts and techniques. Art and architecture of the Mughal period – Old gardens, palaces, paintings, jewelery, museums and costumes are immortalized in the grand and diverse culture of India.



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