Diesel sales rise in October, the festival month | Diesel sales rise in October, the festival month


New Delhi, October 17 (IANS). The festive season has given its knock, in such a situation, the preparations of the people are too loud and its direct effect is seen on the consumption of diesel. In the first 15 days of October, diesel consumption has increased by up to nine percent, and this is seen to be the first time since the lockdown.

After the lockdown, the process of unlocking is started in the country in a sequential manner. In such a situation, people are increasingly using the means of transportation to make purchases, which is increasing the consumption of diesel and impacting on the price.

According to official sources, diesel sales have risen by nine per cent, with the first fortnight of October reaching 26.5 million tonnes. Since the month of September, it has increased by almost 25 percent and this growth is significant in itself.

In the month of April, when the lockdown was announced due to the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic across the country, the sale of fuel by the oil selling companies saw a decline of nearly 60%. As the unlocking process started in June, they also saw an increase.

The month of October also saw an increase in petrol sales during the first 15 days, but saw a decrease of about 1.5 per cent due to consumption of one million tonnes.



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