Devotees danced with the reduced establishment in the court of Maa Viracini


Adherence to social distancing in temples, entry without applying mask

Umaria. The Shardaya Navratri has started from 17 October. In Birsinghpur Pali, Chairman of the committee, Collector Sanjeev Srivastava, reached the temple in the morning, reached the court of Mata Virasini and duly prayed and prayed to mother Virasini for the well being of the district. Tehsildar Abhishek Pandey, Chief Municipal Officer Abha Tripathi, City Inspector RK Dharia, Prakash Paliwal and members of the temple management committee were present on the occasion. The Collector inspected the temple premises after worship in the temple premises and did a small installation in the temple premises.
Collector reached Uchehra temple
In Maa Viracini, the Collector reached Maa Jwala Unchhehra Dham in Nowrozabad area after his son Purnja Achana. Where the Collector duly worshiped Mother Jwala. On this occasion, the Collector inspected the temple courtyard and, while observing the offerings being made there, worked on his own hands holding the shovel. Along with this, he asked to follow the guide line issued by the government along with covering the face keeping the corona virus in view at present.

Mother Viraji mother Durga in Durga pandals
With the commencement of Shardeya Navratri, statues of Maa Durga were installed at various places in the city. Statue of Mother was installed in other places including Baba Phool Singh Warde Single Tola, next to the station intersection of the city, Road Road, Deep Shoe Palace. This phase of establishment continued till late night. With this, the statue of Mother will be installed on the second day today. On the second day of Sharadayya Navratri, worship of Brahma Charini Mata will be done by the law.
Worshiping with social distancing
On the occasion of Shardeya Navratri in the district, Mother worship was done in various temples located in the city with social distancing. Two shells were built at a distance of two yards in view of the present-day corona virus at Maa Jwalamukhi temple located at the district headquarters. In which one for female and another for male. The devotees standing in the circle saw Mata while waiting for their turn. Along with this, the hours of the temples were tied up. All instructions under the Kovid 19 Corona virus are being followed by the temple management in letter and spirit to the devotees coming to the temple.

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