Death penalty for love

new Delhi. In Adarsh ​​Nagar area, a young man had to pay the punishment for loving a girl after losing his life. The girl’s brother, along with her friends, beat the young man brutally. The injured youth was admitted to the hospital. Where the young man died during treatment. The post mortem report revealed that the young man died due to internal injuries in the abdomen.

Police registered a case of murder and apprehended the five accused, including the girl’s brother. Which has three minors. The accused are being questioned by the police. Initial investigations have revealed that the accused have spoken of a quarrel over a girl. According to him, the girl’s brother did not like to meet her and talk. He denied Rahul many times. There was also a quarrel between them about this matter.

However, the family has denied this. At around 12 pm on Thursday, police received information from Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital about the hospitalization of a young man in an unconscious state. The youth was identified as Rahul Rajput, a resident of Moolchand Colony. Rahul died late at night during treatment. Police captured the body and sent it for postmortem. There were no bruises on the exterior of his body.

Doctors who did the post-mortem said that Rahul died due to an injury to the stomach. The police registered a case of murder on the statement of Rahul’s uncle Dharampal. During the investigation, the police identified the accused through phone number and apprehended the five accused living in Jahangirpuri area. Three of which are minors. The accused are being questioned by the police. Along with studying, Rahul used to give English tuition to children. Rahul lived with his father Sanjay, mother Renuka and younger sister. Sanjay Rohini operates a taxi stand in Sector 18. Sanjay told the police that along with studying for the second year from private, Rahul used to give English tuition to the children.

During the investigation of the entire incident, captured in CCTV, it has come to light that on Wednesday night, the phone of Rahul’s uncle’s son Golu came from an unknown number. The caller told that they have to provide tuition to their child. So send Rahul out. Rahul comes out of the house into the street without telling anyone. It is seen in the CCTV camera that four of the five accused present outside took him with him and started beating him with punches on Gali Nanda Road. The accused tore her clothes. After that, the injured Rahul is seen coming home somehow.

His mother told that after coming home, gave Rahul a drink of turmeric milk. He was continuously vomiting. He was admitted to the hospital with difficulty in breathing. Given the tension in the area, there is an atmosphere of fear and tension in the area regarding the police stationed incident. Given this, a heavy police force has been deployed in the area. On seeing any outsiders, the police are interrogating them, only then they are allowing them to enter the area.



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