Dead rape victim case – accused family on sit-in, demanding CBI inquiry


– The nephew of the deceased rape victim went missing on October 2

– The accused family is demanding a CBI inquiry

– Why the PAC and the police blame the disappearance of the nephew again in the protection of the victim’s family

Unnao. In the case of the disappearance of the nephew of the deceased rape victim in Bihar police station area, the family members accused are questioning the headquarters police. He says how his family became guilty in the disappearance of the nephew when police and PAC were put under the protection of the victim’s family. If the police cannot find the nephew, why arrest his family members. Police are harassing those people at the behest of the victim’s family. On receipt of information about the strike, a large number of police forces including SDM, ASP, City Magistrate, Kotwali in-charge reached the spot. After hours of explaining, the victim’s family of the accused ended the picket.

The deceased raped on October 2 last The victim’s nephew suddenly disappeared, 14 police teams were formed to search for it, besides SWAT surveillance was also done but after 17 days nephew could not be recovered but five people including 3 women from the accused family were in jail. Huh. In this regard, Richa Trivedi says to the accused family that the victim family has conspired in the lure of help from the government and made her nephew disappear. Earlier, the victim’s family had taken the missing nephew to the nephew of the deceased rape victim. But the police are taking blind action after believing the things of the victim’s family.

AAP Rupi family says that gum has no place in the daily routine of the afflicted family. Which seems like a conspiracy has been hatched. The aggrieved family is repeatedly pressing for help from the regime, the nephew has no concern. The family has been making repeated statements for the license of the job, flat, ashala from the government. The accused family is demanding a lie detector and narco test of missing nephew’s father, uncle, mother, baba etc. with a CBI investigation. Here after a lot of effort, the accused family decided to end the picket due to the efforts of Additional Superintendent of Police, Regional Police Officer, Kothawali in-charge.



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