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Crimes against women in the country, Saurashtra’s daughters sought gun license for self-defense


Rajkot / Ahmedabad. Crimes against women are increasing in the country. Recently the case of Hathras of Uttar Pradesh has not been resolved yet. Three incidents of rape also took place in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Such incidents also happened in Rajkot city. In terms of security, more than 50 young women of Rajkot have demanded to be given a gun license and trained to operate weapons for self-defense.

More than 50 young women gathered at the Rajkot Collectorate on Tuesday and shouted slogans at the Collector office. These women have applied for a gun license in Collectorate. The women have submitted a memorandum to the Rajkot Collector seeking gun license for self-defense. The memo said, “The Romeo squad created for the protection of women is just a name, it does not prevent gang rape.”

The women told the journalists that the number of atrocities on young girls and women is increasing across the country. The administration has not been able to bring justice to the victims, now is the time for young women to defend themselves.

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