Cow dung chip unveiled, will work to protect it from dangerous radiation emanating from mobile


new Delhi. It is believed that cow cow dung and urine have many medicinal properties. In such a situation, the president of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Ayog, Vallabhbhai Kathiria has given a strange statement. He said that cow dung will protect everyone. They say that cow dung will now protect you from dangerous mobile radiation. He also unveiled a chip made of cow dung on Monday. It has been claimed that this chip reduces the amount of radiation emanating from the mobile.

According to sources, Vallabhbhai Kathiria said this during the launch of ‘Kamdhenu Diwali’ program to promote products made from cow dung, he said about the ‘Gausattva Kavach’ chip, ‘This is a radiation chip, which you can use in your mobile Can keep If you want to avoid illness, then definitely use it. ‘Gausattva Kavach’ has been developed by Shreeji Gaushala of Rajkot.

Radiation emanating from mobile can make you sick:

Vallabhbhai said that this chip will reduce radiation to 90 percent. It has been successful in the initial trial. This chip of the size of the old memory card will be filled with cow dung, which will protect you from radiation.

Kathiria said that more than 500 gaushalas are making such anti radiation chips. They can be purchased for 50 to 100 rupees. A cowshed is also exporting such chips to America. It is being sold there for about $ 10.

Regarding ‘Gausattva Kavach’, Vallabhbhai Kathiria further said, ‘A few days ago Akshay Kumar said that he has eaten cow dung. You can eat it, because it is a medicine. Anyway, people have been using cow urine as a medicine. He said that the National Kamdhenu Commission wants to do research on those subjects which people consider to be myths. A project will be started on this soon.

According to the experts working on the chip, the research done so far has found that the cow dung of domestic cow is effective in preventing the effect of mobile radiation. The chip is designed in such a way that it will not smell after filling with dung. It will be installed on the back of the mobile phone. The chip will be filled with dung which will protect it from radiation for a week. After this the dung will have to be changed.

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