Covid vaccine is expected to begin in January, Trump officials say

A Trump administration official responding to a coronavirus (or epidemic) epidemic across the country (or continent) says the United States is expected to be vaccinated in January 2021, despite the president’s assertion that immunization could begin this month.

And with growing numbers of lawmakers, experts and public health officials, the bipartisan group says the country is not ready to project COVID-1 of winter growth.

Dr. Robert Kadlek said in an email Friday that the administration has been increasing production of safe and effective vaccines to ensure delivery since January 2021.

Kadlek is the Assistant Secretary of Promptness and Response in the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS says the vaccine may be approved by the end of the year but delivery will take time.

President Donald Trump has said at rallies, debates and press conferences that the vaccine could come within a week.

“We think we’ll start sometime in October,” Trump told a White House news conference last month.

Kadlek was not the first health official to face the president’s optimistic tenure. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azhar said Thursday that 100 million vaccine doses could be available by the end of the year “pending FDA authorization.”

And Dr. who has led the government’s vaccination efforts. Monsef Slaui told MarketWatch on Friday that researchers may know whether a vaccine in development is effective “in late October or until November or in December”, but then it will take weeks to get emergency administration.

Asked about the inequality, the White House did not specify a date but said Trump’s priority is to deliver the vaccine “as soon as possible.”

Kadleke said that, in detail, it is not fair to conclude that this means that the country cannot see a vaccine sooner than January.

Kadlek was responding to a number of questions from the Associated Press and FrontOnline about the administration’s response to the epidemic, and in particular the shortage of critical medical supplies.

This story has been published from the Wire Agency feed without altering the text. Only the caption has been changed.

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