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Vietnam’s Formula One Grand Prix for 2020 has been canceled, organizers said on Friday, but did not say whether the race will take place next year. Scheduled in early April, it was the third race of the Grand Prix season in Hanoi and the first race in a communist country. But as the coronavirus began to spread around the world, so did Shanghai and Melbourne, and the Vietnam program was postponed – the season spread to chaos.

The announcement by the local organizers acknowledged that the race schedule would not be finalized later in the year.

“Because COVD-1P (epidemic) has spread across the country (or continent), we are unable to welcome the most exciting and prestigious motorsport series to Vietnam in 2020,” said Le Ngoc Chi, CEO of Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation.

“It was a very difficult decision for all of us. But after careful review of all the safety criteria and the efficiency in the current situation, it was the only solution.”

Last year, Vietnam signed a 10-year agreement with Formula One. The program will cost the country 60 60 million.

Win Group, the country’s largest private group, has paid the fee in full, hoping to make the night race on the road ramp up as it tries to play in new markets in Southeast Asia.

For the glamor of the motorport, Vietnam is eager to reflect the decline in the economic heights of the country and to help shape the image of Hanoi as a newly formed communist capital.

He said that the track of .5..56565 km in Hanoi was ready before the schedule.

There have been cases of coronavirus treatment earlier this year, with only 1,124 reported cases – and no viral infections for more than a month.


The Formula One calendar has eradicated the epidemic, however the races resumed in July.

Last month, Formula One reported that the biggest coronavirus spike in the sport was recorded this year as it prepared for the Russian Grand Prix.

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