Coronavirus: The second case of a woman who died of infection, this is the first case in the world


Brussels The entire world is battling the Corona epidemic and solutions are being found on how to avoid it. Research has so far shown that once a person is infected with the corona virus, an endobody is produced in his body. There is no risk of infection again.

However, now in many places such cases have been reported, in which it has been found that once they have been infected, they have been infected with the corona virus again. One of these Dutch women was twice infected with the Corona virus and has now died. This is the first case of death worldwide after being re-infected with Korana. The death of a 89-year-old Dutch-origin woman is considered the first such incident.

According to media reports, the deceased woman was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment. According to the report, at a difference of two months, he was infected with different strains of the virus. However, between the two infections, the woman was never found to be negative for the corona virus. Earlier, the woman had gone home after the symptoms first ended after a positive test.



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