Coronavirus: strict rules in Sri Lanka, jails or fine for not wearing masks


Colombo The entire world is battling the Corona Epidemic and cases of corona are steadily increasing. A second wave of corona is also seen in many countries. In this way, all kinds of measures are being taken to prevent the corona epidemic all over the world. In this, necessary rules have been made to wear mask, follow social distancing etc.

In the neighboring country of Sri Lanka too, in view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus In Sri Lanka, the government has implemented strict rules. The government has enacted a new rule for the prevention of corona infection. According to the new rule, the government has made it mandatory to wear masks. If someone violates this rule, it can be punished with imprisonment or fine or both.

Jail will not wear masks

The Government of Sri Lanka has issued a notification. According to this, the government will take strict action against those who do not wear masks and follow social distancing. Violators of the rules may have to face the wind of jail.

Tsunami of Coronavirus in this country, ban imposed on schools with indefinite curfew

Under the new quarantine rule, violators of the law will have to pay a jail term of 6 months or a fine of ten thousand rupees. The government has issued this notification on Thursday. The notification states that it is mandatory to maintain social distancing between two people.

It is further stated in the notification that it is mandatory for every citizen to wear a face mask in public place and special attention should be given in maintaining social distancing.

More than 5 thousand people infected in Sri Lanka so far

Let us tell you that the government has taken this decision in view of the increase in cases of infection in the country. Sri Lanka witnessed a spurt in cases on 4 October, after which the government has implemented this rule.

The government has also made a provision in the new rule that it is mandatory to wear masks at super markets, retail shops and public transport as well. Apart from this, the government has made it mandatory for all private and government and other institutions to keep a register for people entering the premises.

Nationwide curfew announced in Sri Lanka, cricket board postponed all domestic cricket tournaments

Recently, information about clusters was revealed in a fabric factory, after which the government immediately imposed curfew in two cities of Western Province. It is known that so far 5,475 people have been infected with the Corona virus in Sri Lanka, while 13 people have died. Even though this number is much lower than many other countries, the government has taken this step as a precaution.



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