Coronavirus: China will test 94 lakh people of this city in five days


Washington Worldwide Corona virus The factor of China is now trying to show everything common in itself. He is constantly lying that he has not been exposed to any cases of corona virus. But according to one news, 12 people have been found corona positive in the city of Qingdao, China.

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After a group of corona virus infections spread to the local hospital, China has prepared to test 94 million people in just five days of the Kovid-19 test. According to the Health Department officials, five districts of Port City, Qingdao, will be tested within three days. The entire city will be tested within these five days.

Such a step has been taken after 12 cases of corona virus occurred in the city. It has been found in a hospital located 350 miles north of Shanghai. This hospital is undergoing treatment for those returning from abroad.

The cases of infection came on Sunday. According to health officials here, 140,000 employees, patients and personnel associated with the hospital have already been tested.

The corona virus outbreak was detected after the ‘Golden Week’ holidays. Hundreds of millions of people traveled throughout China. Due to this, there have been fears that the infection may spread outside the city. Jinan, a city close to Qingdao, has been asked to test people visiting since September 23.

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Significantly, in June, over two crore people were tested in a large area of ​​the capital Beijing. The people associated with the food market in the city were reported to be infected. Also, the city of Wuhan with a population of 10 million, where the infection was born for the first time. There were frequent examinations after infection was found here.



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