Corona’s impact on the Vidhani Parikrama Festival, the procession did not come out for the first time in 76 years


vidhani prikrama mahotsav 2020: The procession that took place to Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya under the Vidhani Parikrama Festival this year due to the corona epidemic could not be carried out this year. This is the first time in 76 years that the festival has not been held.

Jaipur. This year due to Corona epidemic Festival in Vidhani Parikrama The procession under Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya could not be taken out this year. This is the first time in 76 years that the festival has not been held. A large number of devotees from all over the country used to participate in the festival organized under the aegis of Shri Gopal Sagar Ashram Trust. This time the festival was held up to Ashram level due to the cradle of the Corona Guideline. To discharge the tradition, only five pilgrims left for the Gopal Sagar Ashram from the Goneer Jagdish temple in connection with Mithila Sharan Maharaj.

Lakshminidhi Maharaj, the spokesperson of the ashram, said that on this day, the festival of Bhajananand Maharaj, Chetan Das Maharaj, Mother Sahib Banarsi Devi was celebrated with simplicity. Decoration was done at the memorial site. Thakurji’s beautiful tableau was decorated on this occasion. This time due to the Corona epidemic was not publicly held.

Every year on the second day of the Sharadiya Navratri, a six-day Vidhani Parikrama Festival is organized from Jagdish Temple in Goner to Vidhani Ashram. On the last day of the festival, Ashwin Dwitiya used to take out a procession from the Jagadish temple of Goneer to Gaje Baje along with Swaroop Sarkar. During the five-kilometer-long journey, the procession was welcomed in the form of aarti by the government. But this time due to Corona neither the festival was organized nor the procession came out.

The parikrama consisted of more than a dozen tableaux, among them tableaux of Radhakrishnaji, Sitaramji, Jugal Sarkar, Bhajananandji Maharaj, Chetananandji Maharaj and Maa Sahib Banarsi Devi among others. Devotees from nearby villages used to play Ramdhuni playing cymbals. There was a fair atmosphere in the ashram for six days.



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