Corona Virus: Heavy Negligence Begins, Reappears Infection

Corona patients have increased since the beginning of October

Silvassa To prevent corona infection, the administration is advising people to take precautions again and again, but most of the people seem to be careless and as a result of this the number of corona patients is increasing once again in the state.

In the third-fourth week of September, Dadra Nagar Haveli started moving towards Corona Liberation fast, but the effect of the negligence of people in social distances and masks is now visible. From the beginning of October to Thursday, information is being received about the admission of Corona patients to Kovid-19 hospital every day, except for 5 consecutive days.

Complaining about constantly wearing masks

Valsad. Wearing masks is the most effective way to prevent corona infection. Due to this, the government has also imposed a fine of one thousand rupees from those who do not wear masks outside the house, making it mandatory to apply masks. But people have started getting bored wearing masks for about seven months now. Many people have even started complaining about having trouble wearing masks continuously.

The businessman living in the city of Madanwad said that his oxygen level was reduced in the past days by constantly applying masks. On getting the examination done, the doctor advised to stay quarantine in the house for 15 days after holding the report of Kovid-19. He claimed that he had no illness. Similarly, a person resident of Tithil Road said that he runs daily but wearing a mask would have difficulty in breathing. The well-known doctor of the city told that it is necessary to wear a mask. But due to low oxygen level when worn for a long time, respiratory problems can occur. However, he advised wearing masks in crowded or other public places.



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