Corona virus cases found again on frozen food packaging in China, threat continues


The new Delhi China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims to have corona virus on the exterior of Frozen Food Packaging. CCTV channel operated by the Chinese government has given this information. CCTV has reported that the exterior of the food packaging has been found to be polluted that it is likely to spread corona.

Corona virus found in Shandong this time

According to the information, Coronavirus Case has been found on the food packaging of the coastal city of Qingdao in Shandong Province. However, the Chinese Broadcasting Agency has not revealed which products the Kovid-19 virus has found.

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1 dozen new cases surfaced

It has been reported that a dozen new virus cases have been reported in this month. One of these cases is related to the hospital, where corona-infected patients from other countries are treated.

Food packaging testing continues

China has said several times in recent months that frozen food packaging imported from another country poses a risk of spreading the corona virus. Officials of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Department are already cautious about this. This is the reason why testing of imported food packaging in China continues regularly.

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Restrictions on Indonesia and Brazilian products

In this case, Chinese authorities claim that even before this, there were positive cases of corona virus from frozen food packaging products imported from different countries. Chinese officials have been cautious about the spread of the corona virus since such a case surfaced. Chinese officials said that other products, including seafood from Indonesia and frozen chicken imported from Brazil, were also banned after the Corona virus was found on frozen food packaging.


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