Corona chipped away with the sweetness of the mava, the festival was also ‘subscribed’


Corona chipped away with the sweetness of the mava, the festival was also ‘subscribed’

Mohammad Ilyas / Udaipur
Mava has also completely faded during the festive season, with occupation affected by the Corona epidemic. First, due to fake and now Corona, people have turned their backs on Maeve completely. The business of businessmen engaged in the line for advance booking at the festival also came down drastically. Due to the continuous recession, some businessmen in the city hung locks on the shops, while in rural areas the mawa growers closed seven to eight furnaces. Consumption of 6 quintal mawa was. Before the start of Navratri, this demand used to be 13 to 14 quintals in the season. Despite the continuous operation of the furnaces, it was not possible to meet this demand, due to which the advance booking of businessmen used to go on, but now the situation of Mawa growers has become such that the furnaces are sitting idle.

Fake mawa used to come from outside
The arrival of adulterated mawa from Bharatpur, Dholpur in the festive season was in great demand for the mava of Vallabhnagar. Mavs were caught by the logistics department and police teams several times in the fake scam, but the situation is such that even the local Mawa is not able to consume it completely. Animal feeders who supply milk for the production of mawa in the villages are also consuming milk cheaply here and there.

People from many villages became unemployed
Many people from the village of Dhamaniya, Taravat, Vijayapura, Badlia, Bhupalpura, Roopavali, Maharaj’s Khedi, Morjhar, Sarjana of Vallabhnagar were associated with the business of Mawe. According to the demand of these villages, two to three kilns were run, many people were attached to them, but Corona faded the taste of mawa. Many people are sitting unemployed.
Mawa used to come from the local area during the festival season
-13 to 14 quintal daily Mawa coming in season at present
Consumption was done daily in addition to one to two quintalsis
– Buying milk from all cattle rearers for 4 quintiles
– Around 5000 liters of livestock are now selling milk to dairy operators for Rs 32 to 33

It is said that Mawa producer and businessman Nathulal Dangi, a mava producer from Vallanagar, told that there was no leisure available during the festive season. At this time there was so much consumption that each producer is unable to meet the demand by installing two to three furnaces. But Corona made such conditions that if many stopped production, some are making very few.

The Mawa businessman said that the business is absolutely cool even in the festive season. Very few people are taking mawa. There is less demand from the sweet shopkeeper.



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