Corona-19: Disappointment among firecrackers traders, neither demand nor sale expected | Corona-19: Disappointment among firecrackers traders, neither demand nor sale expected


New Delhi, October 13 (IANS). Due to Corona, firecrackers in Delhi have a sense of desperation. Fireworks factories were also closed due to lockdown and pandemic, due to which the hope of good business is being lowered this time. Also, due to pollution and ban on the sale of common firecrackers, the cracker trade has also not been good for the last few years.

Apart from Diwali, people celebrate happiness by burning firecrackers on other occasions like marriage, although this time the demand for firecrackers has been negligible.

It is almost a month in Diwali. But the supply of firecrackers in the markets is much less than last time. Last year, shopkeepers selling green firecrackers are sitting idle.

Actually, the green firecrackers are in accordance with the Supreme Court’s directive and the standards of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO) of the Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas.

These firecrackers are being made from the famous Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu to Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

The Jama Masjid has a firecracker market around 250 years old. There are around 9 to 10 firecrackers shops and some 100 years old shops are also here. Although firecrackers shops open here throughout the year, all these shops have sparkling, pomegranate and sky lightening firecrackers available.

However, this time new varieties of green firecrackers have started being made and have started coming in the markets. Green firecrackers reduce pollution by 30 percent compared to normal firecrackers. At the same time, they are slightly more expensive than normal firecrackers.

Cracker businessman Amit Jain told IANS, due to Kovid-19, all the factories were closed, due to which the goods could not come in the markets. At the same time, the demand is also less this year, because people were sitting empty for the last 6 months, due to which the economic condition of the people was also not good.

He said, this time there is 20 per cent demand and supply is much less than that. At the same time, given the situation of firecracker business in the last 5 years, half the firecrackers are not working at all. They are doing some other work.

Now most of the people work according to the season, that is, sell colors during Holi, sometimes sell kites, do weddings during weddings etc. Although people have permanent license for firecrackers but do not do business in the manner. This year is not the reason for Kovid-19, but in the coming year, if some economic conditions are correct, then you can expect good business.

According to the information, the licensing department of Delhi Police has also sought applications for the sale of firecrackers this year. A total of 260 merchants have applied for temporary licenses so far. However, in Delhi, about 200 to 250 firecrackers have permanent license.

Rajiv Jain, president of the Delhi Fire Works Traders Association, told IANS that every year it happens that the whole world falls behind firecrackers just days before Diwali arrives. Should the Explosive Act passed by Parliament be scrapped? Because fireworks work throughout the year. But firecrackers ban firecrackers 10 days before Diwali, while people of all religions are involved in this trade.

He further said, “You absolutely must not refuse Diwali of 2021, so that we will not do this business for the whole year, we will stop work.” The whole year prepares for Diwali and finally ban firecrackers. It is absolutely wrong to do so. After this, the man who does legal work for a whole year finally becomes an Iligal worker.

He said, the situation is happening in the same way from 2016 that finally everyone comes to stop burning firecrackers. Our demand is that the decision about firecrackers be made first, later the loss comes to millions.

In 2018, the Supreme Court banned the sale and burning of firecrackers in Delhi citing pollution from firecrackers. All of a sudden, they became illegal traders. 200 to 250 traders in Delhi have permanent license for firecrackers. Cracker traders do some different work throughout the year. Anyway, only 25 percent of the cracker business is left. Diwali is an occasion of happiness, everyone celebrates happiness by burning firecrackers, the dignity of festivals should also be maintained.

There will be no shortage of availability of green firecrackers in the national capital Delhi. This time at least 50 types of firecrackers will be available in Delhi markets. Preparations for the sale of firecrackers have intensified.



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