Congress accuses Modi government of 12,000 crore iron ore export scam, know the whole matter?

new Delhi. The Congress party has often raised questions about the policies of the central government. In this series, the main opposition party has said that the government is doing all this to help its friends.

The Congress has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), sitting at the center, has repeatedly given such examples in the last six years, which makes it clear that the Modi government has come to power only for a select few of its rich friends. During this time, the Congress has also accused the central government of a 12,000 crore iron ore export scam.

In a press conference on Thursday, Congress leader Pawan Kheda questioned the policies of the central government and said that in the name of development, Modi ji will be sending India’s airports, sea ports, our telecom and public undertakings, even railways to his friends Have done the job of selling. In the last six years, the BJP has done privatization with the intention of benefiting its select wealthy business friends. He said that the BJP government forgets that all these institutions within the country have not been built by a handful of capitalists but by the hard work and blood-sweat of every Indian. He said that the government’s Rs 12,000 crore iron ore export scam has also come to the fore in the interest of private profit.

Pawan Kheda said that prior to 2014, iron ore (cast iron) was exported only by MMTC. MMTC could also export only iron ore in which it had to get permission from the government before selling iron above 64 percent iron concentration. While the government holds 89 percent stake in MMTC. There was also a 30 percent export duty on iron ore exports. This was done so that the best quality iron remained in the country and the steel plants of the country came into use.

The Congress leader said that when the Modi government came to power in 2014, all these rules and laws were changed. The Ministry of Steel first changed the rule of 64 percent iron concentration and Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited (KIOCL) was allowed to export iron ore to China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Apart from this, the ministry made another change in the policy, announcing that 30 percent export duty will continue on iron ore but if it is exported as iron ore pellets then no export duty will be applicable on it. In this way, many private companies started exporting the country’s iron ore through pellets, which led to theft of thousands of crores of rupees as a fee. It is estimated that these private companies have exported iron ore of about 40 thousand crores since 2014 till now.

Congress spokesperson has alleged that due to wrong policy of the central government, not only the country’s natural resources were looted but also the export duty of Rs 12 thousand crore was stolen. Under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act 1992, these companies face a fine of Rs 2 lakh crore for illegal export of iron ore pellets.

The main opposition party Congress has asked the government why the export of high quality iron ore containing more than 64 percent iron concentration was allowed. Which companies have exported iron ore without permission since 2014? Their names should be made public. Also, since the year 2014 till now, the government or any investigating agency has investigated the illegal export of iron ore? And lastly, who will take moral responsibility for the open loot of the country’s precious natural resources in the two lakh crore scam? He said that PM Modi, who promised a transparent government, should tell all the truth to the people of the country.

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