Complete list of 392 Festival Special Trains to go home to the festival


new Delhi. Indian Railways is engaged in the preparations for the festival season falling during the unlocked 5.0 in the midst of the corona virus epidemic. Due to this, Indian Railways on Tuesday announced to operate 392 new ‘Festival Special Trains’. These special trains will run between October 20 and November 30 on various routes across the country.

Indian Railways has just announced the running of 392 special trains, the reservation till November 30 on such routes

The rent

According to the Ministry of Railways, the fare of these festival special trains will be like special trains, i.e., tickets will be 10 to 30 percent more expensive than mail / express trains on the basis of travel class. The ‘Special Fee’ charged on these will be an additional 10% of the basic fare for the second class and 30% of the basic fare in all other classes.

Train names and frequencies

These trains are being operated by the Ministry to cover the entire country. There are trains running in all the railway zones. Their list and frequency are written in the list of railways below.

Eastern Railway: This railway zone will operate a total of eight festive special trains. Of these, seven trains will run daily and four days a week.

1_indian_railways_announces_392_festival_special_trains.jpgNorth West Railway: Under this, 16 trains will be operated, of which seven will run daily, twice in four weeks and three times in two weeks and once in three weeks.

East Coast Railway: A total of 26 trains will be operated in it. These include four trains running daily, four times a week, three times a week, five times a week and 11 weekly.

North East Frontier Railway Six trains will operate under this. These include one daily, three days in two weeks and three weekly.

South Central Railway: Of the 12 trains running in this zone, two are twice a week, three times a week, two weekly and the rest are daily trains.


South East Central Railway: Four trains will be operated under this and all will run three days a week.

East Central Railway: Of the 14 trains running under this, three are daily, three times a week and eight weekly.

Central Railway: Under this, 10 trains will be operated, of which there will be two trains in five weeks and same weekly trains.

Northern Railway: There will be 22 trains operating in this zone. There are also different number of special trains running daily, weekly, twice a week and thrice.


North Central Railway: This zone will operate seven trains. These will run on a fixed date, while the rest will run daily, weekly and twice a week.

South Railway: This zone will run four trains. These include two weeklies, on a scheduled date and will run twice a week.

North Eastern Railway: Under this, 16 special trains will be operated. These include trains running weekly, daily, three times a week and five times.


South Eastern Railway: Four of the 16 trains running under it will run on scheduled dates while the rest will run daily, weekly and twice a week.

South West Railway There will be 21 special trains running in this zone. These will run trains daily, twice a week and weekly.

Western Railway: The zone will operate 14 festival special trains, including trains running weekly and twice a week.




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