Chit fund scam worth thousands of crores, Provincial promise on October 10

Raipur. Chhattisgarh Civil Rights Committee is organizing the provincewide Promise Nidhao Day on Saturday 10 October to demand prompt payment of the victimized investors of fake chit fund companies. The state president of the committee, Shubham Sahu, said on Friday that on this day, a province-wide dharna will be done in the Budhapara dharna site and a memorandum will be submitted to the Chief Minister.

Shubham Sahu has alleged that the state government is not serious in punishing the accused of this scam worth thousands of crores of rupees and this is raising suspicion of the government’s collusion with the scamsters. On the other hand, the government which announced the election of returning one pie each, is now pretending to return the money by auctioning the seized assets of the companies. This has given relief to very few investors as the process is quite complex and lengthy. The auction of their properties is not possible immediately due to the pending cases against most of the companies in various courts. This has put a question mark on the payment of the investors of such companies and if this is the case then this government will not be able to fulfill its election promises of paying the investors in its 5-year term.

Through this picket, there is a demand from the Bhupesh government that immediately a special fund should be created and payment of investors should be started. After the auction of properties and income from other sources, the government should retain the amount later, but this time the government should give relief to the investors from its fund.
On behalf of the Chhattisgarh Civil Rights Committee, state president Shubham Sahu has alleged that the state government’s refund scheme is not completely based on facts. For the last one year, the same thing is repeated by the government several times by holding press conferences on this issue.

Currently the scheme is based only on disbursement of funds received from the auction of the property of the companies. The process is so slow that it will not be possible to pay 20 lakh investors in the next 20 years. Apart from this, this government is completely silent on the payment of investors with less assets than liabilities and companies with pending cases in the High Court and Supreme Court. This situation cannot be tolerated any more. The state government has failed to submit any concrete action plan to fulfill its election promise, so the agents and investors are being forced to intensify the movement.

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