Chinese ship infiltration into Japan’s waters increases tension, protest lodged


Beijing Tension has increased due to the entry of two Chinese Coast Guard ships into Japanese waters. On Tuesday, China refused to move away for the third consecutive day after entering this watershed associated with the East China Sea archipelago. After this, Japan has lodged a protest.

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According to Japanese Coast Guard officials, two Chinese ships entered Japan’s claimed waters on Sunday morning. During this time, the fishing Japanese tried to get close to the boat. Three crew members were riding on it.

According to officials, both Chinese ships are still present here. They are constantly ignoring Japan’s instructions.

In fact, Chinese Coast Guard ships have often breached the waters around Japan’s southern Sekaku Islands. China has also claimed this area.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on Tuesday that two ships of the Chinese Coast Guard are present in the Japanese waters. He said that Japan has strongly opposed this with China. He is demanding that Chinese ships immediately leave the Japanese waters.

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He said that Japan is capable of defending its water, land and airspace. Japanese Coast Guard officials say the fishing boat is still safe. Talked with his crew members.

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