China’s hooliganism, said – If India raises the issue of Taiwan, we will provoke a revolt by separatists


Beijing China has once again bemoaned India amid the ongoing tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. Fueled by the action of the Indian Army, which is giving a befitting reply to Chinese antics, China has now changed its maneuver and is threatening to provoke separatists in India.

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece, Global Times (Globle Times), has said that if India tried to raise the issue of Taiwan, we would incite a revolt by separatists inside India. The Global Times further stated that if India supported Taiwan’s independence (India Support Taiwan), we would support aldavists in many states within India.

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Let me tell you that China has been involved in such activities even before. China is constantly trying to destabilize India by placing a gun on Pakistan’s shoulder. At the same time, the North East has also been providing arms and money to separatists and militant groups.

Congratulations poster on Taiwana National Day in New Delhi

Let us tell you that on the occasion of Taiwan National Day, India congratulated and many posters were placed outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. Not only this, a full page advertisement was also published in two national newspapers. China objected strongly to this.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen said thank you to India amidst tension from China

Now in this context, an article by Long Shingchun, Senior Research Fellow of the Academy of Regional and Global Governance, was published in the Beijing Foreign Studies University in the Global Times. He said in his article that several media outlets in India showed advertisements for Taiwan’s National Day and a TV channel interviewed Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

He further said that so far India has supported the One China policy and has not recognized Taiwan’s independence. This is why China does not support India’s separatists. But if India now supports Taiwan, then we will also support the separatists of India, because the separatists of both the places are of the same category.

Will support separatists in India: China

Long Shingchun further said that if India supports Taiwan’s independence, China can also support separatist forces in the North East states of Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam and Nagaland. China can also support rebellion in Sikkim.

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He claimed that India’s separatist forces have sought support from China, but we have not responded keeping in mind diplomatic principles and friendship with India. Some Indian strategists, think tanks and media outlets are forcing China to retaliate. If Indian nationalists are to set fire to Taiwan, we will also support separatists.



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