China starts war on LAC! Video released by firing several missiles near Indian border


Beijing Tensions between India and China (China-India Border Dispute) are increasing along the eastern Ladakh border. While China talks about peace restoration on the table of talks, on the other hand, it is doing continuous incitement on the border.

Now the People’s Libration Army of China has started a war against India. The Chinese military has fired several missiles one after the other along the Indian border. The Chinese army fired several rounds of rocket launcher continuously. The mountains of Ladakh trembled at the sound of gunfire.

President Jinping’s nefarious move amidst the tussle over LAC, told the army – prepare for war

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has claimed that PLA has conducted maneuvers, in which 90 percent of new weapons were used. Defense experts say that China is trying to put psychological pressure on India through this exercise.

India has strongly objected to this nefarious act of China. India has said that such action on the border from China is reprehensible and provocative. Let us tell you that this exercise of Chinese army has become very important after President Xi Jinping’s statement of ‘preparing for war’.

Global Times released video

Let us tell you that the Global Times has said that the PLA has conducted maneuvers regarding missile launches near the Indian border. The maneuver was carried out by the Tibet Theater Command of the PLA. A video has been released by the Global Times about this maneuver, in which it is seen that Chinese soldiers are continuously firing missiles.

Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh once again upset China, said – we do not give recognition

It can also be seen in the video that the Chinese army is attacking in the dark by drone planes and is marking a hill. According to the Global Times, these maneuvers are being carried out at an altitude of 4700 meters.

India raised objections

Let me tell you that India has raised a strong objection to the action of China, which is constantly provoking action on the border. Indian Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar said on Friday that the deployment of large number of Chinese troops along the border is a violation of the previous agreement in both countries.

He said that if such a large number of soldiers would be present in the tense area, then what happened on June 15 would happen. Jaishankar further said that such behavior on behalf of China not only affects the dialogue, but also spoils our years of relations.



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