China has deployed 60K troops on India’s northern border: Pompeo

The foreign ministers of the Indo-Pacific countries, known as the Quartet of the United States, Japan, India and Australia, met in Tokyo on Tuesday. What was their first personal discussion after the onset of coronavirus (or epidemic) disease all over the country (or continent).

The meeting took place against the backdrop of China’s aggressive military behavior in the Indo-Pacific, East China Sea and China’s Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh.

In an interview with The Guy Benson Show on Friday after returning from Tokyo, Poipin told The Guy Benson Show that “Indians are seeing 20,000,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border.” He attended the Second Quadrilateral Cabinet along with his colleagues from India, Japan and Australia.

“I was with my foreign ministers in India, Australia and Japan – the so-called quad, the four forms, the four great democracies, the four powerful economies, the four nations, each with a threat to it – the Chinese Communist Party has imposed on them. And they are seeing it in their own country, he said.

Pompeo met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Tokyo on Tuesday and underlined the need to work together to achieve peace, prosperity and security in the Indo-Pacific and the world. He described his meeting with Jaishankar as productive.

“They see that the people of their (quad) nation understand that we have all slept on it for many days. For decades, Western countries have allowed the Chinese Communist Party to move around with all of them. The previous administration knelt down and often allowed China. “They are also seen in their country to steal crores of jobs,” he said in an interview.

In a second interview with Larry O’Connor, Pompeo said in a meeting with his colleagues in Japan, India and Australia that they began to develop understanding and strategies that would allow these countries to work together to truly counter the threat. The Chinese Communist Party has posed for each of these countries.

“They absolutely need the United States to be their ally and partner in this war,” he said.

“But they’ve seen it all, whether there’s a real conflict with the Indians or the Chinese in the Himalayas in northeastern India. The Chinese are now starting to build up huge armies against northern India – it’s easy to say that the Chinese made the deal from the virus.” The Australians would like to explain what happened and then what happened should be thoroughly investigated, and in return the Chinese Communist Party said Pompeo said that Australia had forced and coerced Australia.

Every one of these countries has seen it, he said. The Chinese Communist Party is now understood by everyone in this country as a threat to them.

“The world has awakened. The tide has turned. And under President Trump, the United States has now formed an alliance that will move back and forth against this threat and maintain order, the rule of law and the incoming basic citizenship.” Are keeping, not dictatorial regimes.

In his third interview with Fox News, Pompeo said the Trump administration has begun building all sides of the structure and allies and alliances to back down against China.

“Our goal is to protect the American people from the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

Referring to his quad cabinet meeting, Pompeo said Japan, India and Australia are forming alliances with three other countries, partners and allies around the world who understand the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party as “we do” so that they can secure jobs at home.

“Look, they’ve built up 20,000,000 troops against Indians in the North. When Australians started asking questions about the Wuhan virus and where it started, they were threatened by the Chinese Communist Party,” Pompeo told Fox News.

“We need partners and friends. They certainly tried to react. But, the Chinese Communist Party had become accustomed to, quite frankly, the United States was looking to bend its knees and get us to turn their cheeks and satisfy them,” he said.

“This encouraged their bad behavior, their wrongdoing. Our pursuit – they understand that we are serious about it. They have seen that we will deal with them and impose costs on them. I am sure that this activity, the Chinese Communist Party is to harm the United States.” The nature of the effort changed, Pompeo said.

India is expanding bilateral cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region with Japan, the United States and Australia.

In the Indo-Pacific, the US is pushing for a bigger role for India. The region is being considered by several countries in an effort to control China’s growing turmoil.

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