Chadwick Bosman’s wife died without leaving behind the actor’s wishes


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The late actor Chadwick Bosman has not given up his will, now his wife Taylor Simon Ledward has sought court help. She filed a probate case in Los Angeles on Thursday, saying she wanted to be an administrator with limited rights to the actor’s property.

The Black Panther Earlier this year, the actor died on August 28 after battling colon cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer four years ago but chose to keep the diagnosis private.

Chadwick's boss's wife filed a probate case without leaving a will as an actor

According to court documents, Bosman “died inside.” According to the documents, the estimated value of his property is $ 8,000. In addition to wife Ledward, Boseman is survived by his parents, Leroy and Caroline Bosman, who are also listed in the documents.

Chadwick and Ledward were secretly married before their deaths. revealed that the two were married back in 2019 and their last public appearance was at the NBA All-Star Game in Chicago in February. Bosman was dating before he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The family of the late actor has confirmed the news by announcing his demise. Born in South Carolina and a graduate of Howard University, Chadwick began his career as a short-lived actor.

He later became a film star with a film released in 201 releases 24. Chadwick was seen playing baseball star Robinson opposite Harrison Ford, and he was praised for his performance. He also donated a manufacturer’s hat 21 pools And Spike was last seen in Lee’s film Da 5 blood, Which is available on Netflix for streaming. The film follows Chadwick as the leader of a group of black soldiers from the Vietnam War.

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