Central coronation epidemic happening in Bengal, to assess the situation


Kolkata. The central government has also become active in view of the rapid increase of epidemic corona virus in the entire state including the capital Kolkata. The number of infections in Kolkata is increasing almost every week. The number of daily corona cases in Kolkata at the beginning of September was around 600, which has increased to around 700 in October. That is why the Central Government is sending another expert team to look at the situation in the state.

According to the Union Ministry of Health, each team will have a joint secretary, a public health specialist and a physician. The Central Expert Committee will visit not only West Bengal but also Kerala, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. They will help deal with Corona in the state. Corona will also focus on improving the quality of testing and treatment. The total number of victims in Kerala and West Bengal has crossed 3 lakhs at this time. However, the situation is worse in Karnataka. The total number of people infected in Karnataka is around 6 lakhs. Which is 10.1 percent of the national transition. So there is growing concern. In Kolkata, in particular, there is an increased risk of infection between the worship crowd. So the central team is coming to the state to control the infection.

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