CBI arrives to investigate Hathras incident, investigation begins | CBI arrives to investigate Hathras incident, investigation begins


Hathras, October 13 (IANS). The CBI has intensified the investigation of the Bulgari case of Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh as soon as takeover took place.

The CBI team will try to collect evidence by recreating the crime scene. The incident site is about 500 meters away from the victim’s house. The woman was attacked on September 14 in the same farm. Police are stationed here to stop people at the scene. The victim’s brother is also on the spot along with the CBI team. The team has 15 officers in six trains. Evidence is being collected at the scene of the incident.

The CBI reached the village and got the photography of the scene first. The scene was captured in every possible way. Forensic team is also present with CBI. It is known that the entire village has been converted into a camp. A police force is stationed on the platform.

The entire 1.5-km radius around the scene has been sealed before the CBI team arrived. Earlier, all the people were coming and going here, but no one is allowed to enter on Tuesday.

Earlier, the CBI had registered an FIR under the SC-ST Act with gangrape, attempt to murder and murder against the main accused of Hathras. Meanwhile, the victim’s father suddenly worsened on Tuesday morning. His sudden BP has increased. The deceased’s mother’s mother, and aunt are brought to the hospital. ECG is being provided. The relatives of the team of doctors who reached his house refused to undergo the corona test.

He returned from Lucknow with the family at night. CMO Dr. Brajesh Rathore reached the village. The victim’s father can be taken to Hathras if the situation worsens.

A large number of police forces were deployed even before the CBI investigation team reached the village. The CBI has also searched all important papers and case diaries related to this case and the incident.

DSP Seema Pahuja, who has been appointed Investigating Officer in the Hathras case, on the information of coming to Hathras along with other members, Hathras Police teams are also busy around the place as well as the victim’s house.

Hathras SP Vineet Jaiswal said that the CBI team had sought documents related to the case including evidence collected during the investigation and the case diary. A senior policeman said that 15 CBI officials are expected to be in Hathras for the next few weeks for investigation.

Earlier on Monday, the CBI took the case diary from the CO. In this case diary, documents such as district hospital’s referral report, forensic report, medical report, post mortem report, victim’s statement, police’s Majrumi letter etc. are present. The team is now looking at each document. Only after studying the case diary will the CBI start investigating the case from its gadeline.

It may be mentioned that in the case of incident in Hathras Bulgadi on September 14, the police had registered a case of murder and assault under the SC-ST Act on the basis of Tahrir of the young woman’s brother. The accused, Sandeep Thakur, was arrested and sent to jail on September 19. Subsequently, in this case, the sections of gang rape were increased based on the statements of the victim and the names of three other accused were included. Till 26 September, the other three accused were arrested and sent to jail.



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