Case filed in ACB against Govardhan Vilas Police Officer and Constable


Anti Corruption Bureau

Bhuvanesh Pandya

Udaipur. ACB has registered a case against Govardhan Vilas Thanadikari Chenaram and constable Karan Meghwal seeking Rs 2.5 lakh. The bureau’s DIG Hinglajdan said that in one case, the Banswara ACB team had laid a trap for the demand of bribe of about Rs 2.5 lakh. When Chenaram got the idea of ​​this, he did not take that amount, but the ACB Banswara team had verified the taking of the bribe.


According to the information, a few months ago, a wooden truck filled with kher of Kheroda area of ​​Banswara was caught. It was revealed that Vinod, a young MBC from Banswara, became a policeman and took one lakh rupees. The matter was related to Govardhan Vilas police station, so Kheroda police station handed it over to Govardhan Vilas. Constable Karan Meghwal from Govardhanvilas police station reached the residence of the jawan Vinod and asked him to pay three and a half lakh rupees to Meghwal’s father, so that he could not be arrested. He asked for this amount immediately, later in the conversation this amount was reduced to two and a half million, but it could not be arranged. Vinod’s father had given a complaint to the ACB DIG regarding this case, the case was handed over to the Banswara ACB, in which Thanadikari Chenaram and Meghwal were laid a trap to trap, but they got suspicious due to delay in paying the amount. In such a situation, he neither spoke to Vinod’s father again on the phone nor took that amount, but the Banswara ACB had verified the demand of bribe on September 11. Action in the case was verified by the team under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police Banswara ACB Madhosinh. The investigation of the case has been handed over to Vikram Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police, Anti-Corruption Bureau in Chittorgarh district.


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